My visit to Wimbledon

I went to Wimbledon during the first week of play. I’m currently watching the build-up coverage for the Gentlemen’s Singles Final today, and the pictures of Henman Hill have made me think about what a wonderful experience it was to finally get to visit Centre Court.


The view wasn’t quite as bad as this picture makes it seem. But I was jealous of the people at the front!

Could the seats have been better? Yes. We were right at the back – and I mean we were on the very last row of seats – with a slightly restricted view (I couldn’t see the arc of lots of the lobs because they were blocked by the ceiling). Is food at Wimbledon expensive and a bit disappointing? Yes. But next time I know it is perfectly acceptable to bring my own.

However, we were lucky to get a nice sunny day and the buzz of so many people was actually really lovely. I’m not one for crowds but it didn’t feel too much. We wandered around past the outside courts – I didn’t realise just how close to the players you are there – and explored the grounds. There are fish in the ponds at the top of the hill where people watch matches on the big screen and security people walk around telling people to stand on the grass (which is weird after years of visiting places where they definitely don’t want you to stand on the grass!).

The noise and atmosphere on Centre Court is pretty much as you would imagine. I was relieved my hands can now cope with that amount of clapping and air-punching (we got to see Andy Murray play and it just confirmed to me what a brilliant player he is).

I’ve just watched Gordon Reid do the double, and now it’s nearly time for Murray vs Raonic. I can’t believe it is all nearly over for another year.

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