Hello, and thank you for visiting my blog.

WelcomeMy aim is to create a little space of my own where I can share and record my thoughts and experiences, and perhaps even parts of my imaginary worlds.

I currently have one finished novel no one will ever see because it is terrible, and one work in progress that I already like a lot more. I hope this blog will help me maintain momentum – I’ve admitted I’m writing it, so now I have to keep writing it.

I am a humanities graduate, with a job I’m never going to talk about. Probably. (Don’t worry, it’s not morally dubious or weird.) I read widely but I tend to gravitate toward fantasy and historical fiction.

I’m not going to pretend my tastes are particularly refined: My favourite ice cream flavour is peanut butter (followed closely by chocolate salted caramel). My favourite cocktail is sangria consumed in excess. My favourite food is my mum’s potato wedges. My favourite book is Thud! by Terry Pratchett (a sadly missed angry genius). My favourite film is currently Hot Fuzz. My favourite song is currently “Words as Weapons” by Seether. I say currently because things change, as we all know.

I suffer from Raynaud’s syndrome. I don’t have any children. I have two cats instead. It’s my dream to move to a small cottage in Scotland where I can grow my own vegetables and spend my time enjoying the countryside.

If you choose to follow me, you will probably make my day.

Love and best wishes,


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