This is my first post on


I plan to write a little bit about whatever I fancy at least once a week. My posts will probably be about my thoughts and experiences, events I go to, books I read, and films and television programmes I watch.

Stories are an important part of my life and I hope one day I will send one of my own creation out into the world. I have started writing many stories, but I have only finished one. It’s fairly awful and no one will ever see it. I haven’t deleted it though; it is still sat on my hard drive, serving as a reminder that it is possible. I can write something that looks a bit like a novel. The next one will be better.

Loch Lomond

     I believe this to be Loch Lomond. It is stunning in real life but my own photography was poor.

Aside from being the writer of a terrible novel, I am a voracious food-eater, keen walker of hilly landscapes, exasperated cat-wrangler, reluctant driver and enthusiastic penny-pincher.

I really sold myself there. Job done I reckon.