Things I gave up, May 2016

Keeping going and trying are what life is about. But sometimes, life is too short. These are the things life was too short for last month:

  1. FilmSpectre. I was actually looking forward to watching this on DVD – so much so that I bought popcorn and got a big blanket out to snuggle under. I lasted until Bond was trudging around in the snow and decided it was just too dull. I watched Murdoch Mysteries instead. It was the one where William and Julia (spoilers) get married; I loved it.
  2. Limitless. I’ve been watching this on and off when I’ve run out of other programmes to watch. I quite like it (I wish there was more Mike & Ike), but after the news of its cancellation, I find myself skipping it on Sky Go.
  3. Blindspot. Another programme I find myself skipping on Sky Go. I thought it was promising but after eighteen or so episodes I started to find it frustrating – just when I should be wanting more.

I’m quite pleased that I only gave up on a single film and two television programmes – nothing of any real consequence. Let’s see how June goes.