When I don’t feel well

I have been fortunate to feel much better this last month or so. Today is a low day. I think I might have caught something that is making me feel bad, rather than the Raynaud’s resurfacing by itself. As a creature of habit (and routine), there are a few things I do when I don’t feel well:

  1. Take my contact lenses out and wash my face. I can’t nap with contact lenses in and there’s something about make-up on my face when I’m poorly that just makes me feel worse.
  2. Put my pyjamas on. I wear joggers when I’m home but even those are too uncomfortable when I’m feeling sorry for myself.
  3. Get into bed with a big warm blanket. Because being warm and comfortable immediately makes me feel a bit better.
  4. Eat something bad for me. Sometimes it’s crisps, sometimes it’s ice cream. Today it’s bread and butter pudding. (I’m trying not to think about how bread and butter pudding is bread + butter + sugar + milk + cream + egg with a few added raisins. Raisins are good though. I’ll focus on that.)
  5. Watch something funny, whimsical or scary. Sometimes it’s a film such as Hot Fuzz (“It’s just bolognese!”), sometimes it’s Criminal Minds (if I’m not the only one home). Today it’s Murdoch Mysteries (because I adore Constable Crabtree).

So now I’m off to eat some raisins, with added bread and butter … and custard. Enjoy a snippet of the two Andys:

Things I gave up, May 2016

Keeping going and trying are what life is about. But sometimes, life is too short. These are the things life was too short for last month:

  1. FilmSpectre. I was actually looking forward to watching this on DVD – so much so that I bought popcorn and got a big blanket out to snuggle under. I lasted until Bond was trudging around in the snow and decided it was just too dull. I watched Murdoch Mysteries instead. It was the one where William and Julia (spoilers) get married; I loved it.
  2. Limitless. I’ve been watching this on and off when I’ve run out of other programmes to watch. I quite like it (I wish there was more Mike & Ike), but after the news of its cancellation, I find myself skipping it on Sky Go.
  3. Blindspot. Another programme I find myself skipping on Sky Go. I thought it was promising but after eighteen or so episodes I started to find it frustrating – just when I should be wanting more.

I’m quite pleased that I only gave up on a single film and two television programmes – nothing of any real consequence. Let’s see how June goes.