Medication update 2

So, I have been on fluoxetine for nearly two months and I have secured a repeat prescription because it is working so well. I had some initial concerns about how it was making it me feel a little disengaged with serious situations ā€“ I caught myself looking at the sky instead of the road when I was driving and from then on I had to make myself really concentrate. That seems to have sorted itself out now; I’m not easily distracted or careless. I am also finding it a little hard to sleep at the moment, but that could be because I am worried about the political and economic situation in the UK, but most of all I am worried about my cat (he won’t eat). The insomnia is something I might have to monitor.


Goodbye, alcohol. I won’t miss you.

I also know that I can’t drink any alcohol while I’m taking fluoxetine. I know it isn’t recommended and I found out the hard way why. I didn’t think a couple of glasses of fizzy wine would affect me as much as they did. It was like having a terrible hangover mixed with heightened anxiety: a deep feeling of sicky dread. I couldn’t really speak to anyone or handle being in public the next day. It was just awful. Alcohol is not worth it.

However, most of the time I feel great. I’m starting to get a little annoyed with the sound of my own voice though. I’m not really a talker, but that seems to be changing. I chatter on quite a lot more and I find myself seeking the company of others when previously I would have gone to bed and watched TV. I talk to my friends a lot more and I have no problems reversing my car when people can see me (my three-point turn is particularly excellent again). We went out for a meal with the extended family last week, and my aunt said it was nice to have the ‘happy’ me back. Maybe I was more down than I thought I was. I do know I haven’t had such a good laugh with my cousin in a very long time.

I had to have a hot water bottle last night, but I think I just will have to occasionally. My anxiety manifests itself as Raynaud’s, and there will never be no anxiety.

3 thoughts on “Medication update 2

  1. I completely understand that feeling. I’ve been on a number of SSRI’s which have always been tremendously helpful. The first time I was prescribed Prozac about 25 years ago, I remember the exact moment when I felt the medication finally kicked in. As it takes a good 4 weeks to reach a therapeutic level, I was anxious about it even working. I was standing in front of the washer, and all of a sudden, I felt completely different. No more anxiety, no depression. I felt happy. What an amazing thing. The sad part is that so many suffer from depressive disorders and never get the help they really need. We are both extremely lucky. I’m happy for you.

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    • Thank you very much. It has felt like such a long time from realising there was something wrong to finding something that would help put it right ā€“ and it was about two years, so I guess it was a long time! But as you say, we are lucky that we have got help and found a solution (or at least I hope so). I can’t really put into words how freeing it is feel this way again.


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