I’m not so cold

Last month I posted about my continuing journey with Raynaud’s. I had tried 3 medications without any success, but the fourth one is currently doing the trick. It is an anti-depressant, usually used for depression and anxiety disorders.

(In case anyone with Raynaud’s is reading this, the medication is fluoxetine.)

Heart & sunI’m rarely overly cold, and I have even been able to get to sleep without a hot water bottle. The warmer weather is helping, but I know that last year the warm weather didn’t make much difference! I think the medication has allowed the warm weather to help.

I had one evening where I felt an extremely high level of nausea – I don’t think I have felt that sick even when I have actually vomited. I got into bed and listened to The Infinite Monkey Cage. The nausea is now occasional and nowhere near that bad.

I have really noticed a difference in my anxiety levels (perhaps unsurprisingly). I did know that stress and anxiety were triggers for an attack for me, so this medication is working on both aspects. However, I did some work-related training recently, and I am slightly concerned that I wasn’t as worried about getting it all right as I usually would be. I should get feedback sometime this week, so it will be interesting to see if it affected the work or just my experience of doing the work.

So, in sum, new medication mostly good. So far.

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